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In 2008, Our company registered the crystal brand

In 2008, Our company registered the crystalbrand ourselves-Deity Crystal and established “Deity Crystal China 0perationCenter"in Guzhen, forming the operating mode of growing in the lantern cityand selling to the world.

In 2009, Crystal and LED.At this turbulence period of economic, westill made effort to inform.Our high-quality Deity crystal accessories, the originalcreation slim crystal series and LED series crystal products were welcomed by customers.Thetotal sale still kept to increase 10% every year.

In 2010, Crystal and brass.To continue to build high quality crystalproducts, we began to use copper, the copper metal and crystal products perfectcombination, the crystal product application to a higher level. Each lamp ofexquisite workmanship, gave consumers the visual enjoyment of luxury, the morethe value of collections.